Month: July 2018

NCD Equipment at the APF Exhibition

NCD Equipment at the APF exhibition Come and see NCD Equipment this year at The APF Exhibition. This event is the UK’s largest forestry, woodland, arboriculture, fencing and biomass show. The show caters for a variety of agricultural industries, along with a display of a variety of machines and equipment, designed specifically for small woodlands.… Read more »

How TMK Tree Shears Make Cutting Wood Easier

How TMK Tree Shears Make Cutting Wood Easier We have previously written about the TMK Tree Shears and their capabilities to provide an all round tree clearing solution. Here are just four reasons how these tree shears make cutting wood easier. Durability All models within the tree Shear range are made from a high quality… Read more »

Tree Felling Licences

Tree Felling Licences Here at NCD Equipment, we support the need of preservation and conservation of trees and wildlife. We also agree with morally correct preservation (such as the use of TMK Tree Shears) and that’s why we support the Forestry Commission’s legislations, to help protect Britain’s forests. The Forestry Commission requires you to have… Read more »