Category: Testimonials

Andrew Wilkin in East Yorkshire (Testimonial)

I own a TMK 300 Tree Shear, my business is in drainage contracting and my main customer is South Holderness Internal Drainage Board. Our work consists mainly of vegetation clearance and water course maintenance, this includes clearing overhanging branches and removing small trees to keep the water course clear.  The shear is used seasonally and… Read more »

Chris Povah in Suffolk (Testimonial)

I’ve been totally delighted with my TMK 300 Tree Shear, it’s performed excellently. There has been some wear on the blade but nothing too serious. I’ve used it to harvest rows of willow, completing an acre in a little over a day. I’ve used it to cut some big trees beside a pond and electric… Read more »

Paul Colloby in Cornwall (Testimonial)

I recently bought a TMK 300 tree shear from NCD. I bought it for my 8 tonne JCB excavator as Nick advised me that the 300 TMK was the right shear for the size excavator I had. Me and Nick were concerned about the oil pressure to the front of the JCB so both decided… Read more »