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The TMK Tree Shear – Authentic and Original

The TMK Tree Shear was first created nearly 10 years ago, when Tenho Koponen became frustrated with the lack of tree shears on the market that would suit the management of the trees on his land in his native Finland. It was this very frustration that inspired him to create a shear that would fit… Read more »

How TMK Tree Shears Make Cutting Wood Easier

How TMK Tree Shears Make Cutting Wood Easier We have previously written about the TMK Tree Shears and their capabilities to provide an all round tree clearing solution. Here are just four reasons how these tree shears make cutting wood easier. Durability All models within the tree Shear range are made from a high quality… Read more »

Battle of the TMK Tree shears

Battle of the TMK Tree shears At NCD Equipment we supply the whole TMK tree shear range; The Beaver, The Original and The Big Boy. All exceptional in their own way, but which one best suits you and your requirements? TMK 200 – The Beaver As its name suggests, the TMK 200 has the ability… Read more »

The Birth of TMK

At NCD Equipment we feel that our suppliers are part of our extended family. We believe in supplying the very best in quality and customer satisfaction. This was a journey that started with TMK, the first product that NCD supplied into the UK. We are very proud of the relationship we have built with TMK… Read more »

4 Reasons to use Tree Shears

4 Reasons to use Tree Shears When it comes to clearing trees, the TMK tree shear range proves as an exceptional method. Smooth cuts are ensured time and time again, whatever job they are used for. Here are 4 important reasons why you should use a TMK tree shear. 1. Damage to the Tree There… Read more »

The Big Boy: TMK 400

The Big Boy: TMK 400 The TMK 400 or ‘Big Boy’, is the largest and strongest product within the TMK tree shear product family. Weighing 535 kg, this shear was developed to cut down big trees in central Europe. The force behind its strength are the cylinders that allow 400mm of softwood to be sliced… Read more »

The Original Tree Shear: TMK 300

[easy_youtube_gallery id=pF2zTpzGqs0 cols=1 ar=16_9 thumbnail=0 title=top] The Original Tree Shear: TMK 300 The TMK 300 tree shear is where it all began for TMK and is the OG of the tree shear family. It is the most versatile tree shear on the market, fit for purpose on smaller machines, while having the ability to endure… Read more »

The Beaver: TMK 200

[easy_youtube_gallery id=LnFWMVRVZtU cols=1 ar=16_9 thumbnail=0 title=top] The Beaver: TMK 200 Also known as the ‘beaver’, for its ability to slice through wood, the TMK 200 shear is the newest addition to the TMK tree shear family. Weighing only 165kg, its small size and precisely designed structure make for a good fit with tractors, mini loaders,… Read more »

From Tractors to Tanks to Tree Shears

As a young child, Nick would be taken to visit his Grandparents as many children are, the difference for Nick is that his Grandparents lived on a farm. Nick’s sister would spend time with the Grandmother baking cakes or visiting the animals. Nick would follow his Grandfather everywhere. From as young as 18 months, Nick… Read more »