Best of British

Here at NCD Equipment we import our products from various European countries. This ensures that we bring the best equipment to the British market to support our customers needs. We believe our products not only get the job done safely but as cost effectively as possible. As best we can, we like to try the… Read more »

Andrew Wilkin in East Yorkshire (Testimonial)

I own a TMK 300 Tree Shear, my business is in drainage contracting and my main customer is South Holderness Internal Drainage Board. Our work consists mainly of vegetation clearance and water course maintenance, this includes clearing overhanging branches and removing small trees to keep the water course clear.  The shear is used seasonally and… Read more »

The TMK Tree Shear – Authentic and Original

The TMK Tree Shear was first created nearly 10 years ago, when Tenho Koponen became frustrated with the lack of tree shears on the market that would suit the management of the trees on his land in his native Finland. It was this very frustration that inspired him to create a shear that would fit… Read more »

Paul Colloby in Cornwall (Testimonial)

I recently bought a TMK 300 tree shear from NCD. I bought it for my 8 tonne JCB excavator as Nick advised me that the 300 TMK was the right shear for the size excavator I had. Me and Nick were concerned about the oil pressure to the front of the JCB so both decided… Read more »

NCD Equipment at the APF Exhibition

NCD Equipment at the APF exhibition Come and see NCD Equipment this year at The APF Exhibition. This event is the UK’s largest forestry, woodland, arboriculture, fencing and biomass show. The show caters for a variety of agricultural industries, along with a display of a variety of machines and equipment, designed specifically for small woodlands.… Read more »