Tell us your needs

Here at NCD Equipment, we are always looking for new products to supply to future and existing customers. To make sure we are finding machinery or attachments that suit our customer needs, we want to hear from you.

Tell us what problems you have within your business, what attachment or machine would help you solve these problems. Even if you don’t know what machine or attachment would solve the problem, we still want to hear about it, we may be able to find something that would help.

If you send us a problem we will then contact you personally to establish what your needs are. Then we can look to find a product that may help. We can’t guarantee that we will be successful every time, but our hopes are that if you help us to find new products, we will then be able to help your problems too. If we can’t find a product that helps you, but know a company that can help, we can give you their details.


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